Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jaren's Birthday

It seems that I always leave Jaren out when it comes to posting birthdays. Jaren turned 9 this year and he had a great birthday with 3 of his friends. I wanted to follow him around with the camera like I did with Carlee but I left it at home several times and so I only have a few pics to share. The day started out with his friends arriving at 9:30 and we immediately left to go and see Despicable Me. The kids loved the movie and had a great time. I not only forgot the camera when we left but I also forgot my cell phone. I had intended to order pizza during the movie and pick it up on our way home. Oh well, they played and opened presents while we waited for the pizza.

After eating we left for the swimming pool where I once again forgot to bring the camera. We gave all of the kids a swimming ring and they had a blast playing with them. Afterwards we came back to the house and they made their own Volcanoes. (Jaren's request this year and I was happy that I didn't have to make a cake.) They were all very happy even though Sam was not smiling. He doesn't like pics.

I can't belive he is 9 and starting in the fourth grade, where does the time go. So happy he is apart of my family! Love Him!!

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