Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Carlee!

My Carlee is 13, a teenager! She has been waiting for this moment since I can remember. I thought It would be fun to capture her birthday with photos and so I did. Enjoy.

This year Carlee wanted a cake that was a little more grown up. She showed me a picture of the cake and I asked her if she was serious!! It doesn't have any candy on it to decorate with. Yikes! I decided to give it a try and this is the finished product. I have so much to learn still and it would really help if i purchased some decorating tips. I have always used a plastic sandwich bag with a little hole cut in the corner. It worked fine but I am sure that if I had the proper equipment, it would look a little more polished. Regardless, it was fun to make and it tasted good too. Carlee chose chocolate cake with peanut butter cream filling and butter cream frosting. MY Dad would have loved this cake as the filling tasted much like his favorite peanut butter balls.

carlee's day began with a present from Abby. Abby couldn't wait to give it to her and so Carlee had to open it before breakfast. Abby purchased a pair of earrings for Carlee while at enterprise city, look at her face. She is so happy to be giving them to her sister.

For breakfast this year, Carlee chose to have fruit smoothies and egg burritos. Excellent choice! This is one of our family favorites.

Immediately after breakfast we jumped in the car and headed to the church. Dave had signed our family up to help clean the church that morning. Fortunately for us, several families showed up and we were done in only 1 hour.

Once we got home and cleaned up, Carlee opened some more of her presents.

After opening presents Dave decided to take the kids out for pizza and this is what they looked like when they got home. I never like when Dave walks into the arcade with the kids but this time it was well worth it. All of the kids walked out with a mustache and they had a blast messing around with them and now this picture will be hanging up in my game room. Love it!

After having some fun with the family, Carlee had scheduled to go and spend some time with a friend from church. They ended up riding bikes around for 2 hours. Carlee came home pretty tired but not so tired that she didn't want to go shopping. I quickly took her shopping for some much needed clothes and I think she was pretty happy with our little trip.

For dinner, Carlee chose to go to Fuddruckers. I'm not one to get real excited about eating hamburgers but I must say that I do love to go and get their jalapeno cheese sauce. Mmmm Mmmm good. Dave's Mom,Connie, was spending the day with us so she came to dinner and we were glad she did.

Finally around 8:30 in the evening we had cake and ice cream. Wow, what a day!! I had a lot of fun and I think that Carlee did as well. What a Beautiful girl she is becoming and I just love spending time with her. She makes me laugh A LOT!! LOVE HER!


Tyler Bushman said...

Happy Birthday Carlee! What an awesome cake!

Brittany and Colby said...

I loved this blog! I can't believe how grown up Carlee is. I love that first picture of her! Oh and Steph - If you can decorate a cake that looks like that with a plastic bag I think you are AMAZING! I thought it looked great!!

crack'n up ourselves said...

Happy Birthday! Carlee--You are so beautiful!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Carlee! I can't believe she is 13!!! The birthday cake you made is awesome! I don't think you need any tips! Love it!

Brukl Family said...

The arcade comment reminds me of those days when you were dating. How many stuffed animals were you gifted from the claw?