Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She's 14, FINALLY!!

Hallelujah! Carlee has finally turned 14 and now she can count down to summertime. Carlee has been counting down to her birthday for who knows how long. She can finally go to dances and actually dance with boys! (We love it because now she can tell us if Taylor is actually dancing. (Hee Hee)
This year for her birthday we invited Grandma and Carlee's best friend, Whitney, and her family over for cake and ice cream. She, of course, wanted a two tier cake and so I did the best I could. The bottom layer was a white cake with strawberry filling and the top cake was lemon with strawberry filling and the frosting was a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. It was sooooo good, especially the lemon cake. Yummy!

This year Carlee wanted Chinese food for her dinner out with Mom and Dad so she chose a Chinese Buffet. She liked it but decided before we even left that she will not be choosing this restraunt again. We loved spending time with her though and really enjoyed splitting the caramel apple with her afterwards. Love you Car!

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crack'n up ourselves said...

Happy Birthday Carlee!!!!!!