Thursday, March 12, 2009

Abby's 10

Abby has been waiting and waiting for her birthday so she can get her ears pierced. We celebrated a few days early during a school holiday and I think she had a great day!!

This year Abby wanted me to make her a cake that looked like pants. She went on line and found the cake she wanted and it even came with step by step instructions and a video on line if needed. Thank you Abby! I think it turned out cute and she LOVED IT!!

Earlier in the day Dave, Carlee and I took Abby to get her ears pierced. She was so excited and could hardly wait, that is until she got there.

She was so calm at first and then the look of fear. My strong confident little Abby was scared and I thought it was cute. It only took a matter of seconds and it was all over and she didn't even scream. Carlee kept telling her to be calm and that it really doesn't hurt. Like Carlee can talk, you should have seen her two years ago. I am surprised the lady even pierced her ears, she was freaking out!!

The finished product.
Abby loves them and she looks so cute!

We finished our outing with lunch at Olive Garden, Abby's choice. Each year Dave and I get to take the birthday kid out to lunch or dinner. I love this! It was fun getting to spend just a few minutes alone with the birthday girl.
Oh, I love her! Ten years old, Wow!


Melanie said...

That's an impressive cake Steph! I love Abby's face in those ear piercing pics.

crack'n up ourselves said...

She is so beautiful! The cake is so cute! Tell her Happy birthday from Us.

the whit said...

What a fun day...those pics of the ear piercing are great!

Hopefully we'll see you guys soon :)

Alona said...

I can't believe she's 10! Cute ears on a cute girl. The cake you made is awesome! Good work!

Cher said...

love that cake!! jade likes her new ear-candy :)

Susannah said...

I can't believe she is 10!! The Olive Garden is my favorite too!