Thursday, October 9, 2008


The kids and I are so happy to have Dave/Dad in our lives. He is always making us laugh and creating memories for us to keep. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite moments with you. We Love You Dad!!

Dave loves to play in the snow with the kids. He has made 2 igloos, a sled to be pulled behind a car and many snowmen. And of course with the snow comes many many snowball fights. Unfortunately we enjoy most of the snow when we are out of town. Taylor's Christmas wish this year is that we will have a white Christmas. That would be Awesome!!

It was a fairly cold day in San Diego but that did not stop Dave and the kids from playing at the beach and going into the water.

Dave jumped right in this picture. His favorite Disney Character is Eeyore.

Here you go. This is a good example of what Dave likes to do. He thought this was so cute/funny that he had to wake me up to show me. Grace was only two weeks old.

While I was at a meeting one Sunday night Dave and the kids decided to choreograph a song with Carlee as the lead singer and Dave, Taylor, Abby and Jaren as the back up singers and dancers. They went all out. Notice the uniform look of the dancers :) It was hilarious!

Just a week ago I finally charged the corvette's battery. We have had this corvette for about three years and every time I pull into the garage Grace goes over to it and tries to get inside. Sometimes she would just sit in it and listen to music. Yes, it has a radio. Crazy! Of course Dave had to take a turn after all the kids went for a ride. He did not get very far. The battery had to work over time and did not last long. Sorry kids, the fun is over. I'll have to charge the battery AGAIN!


crack'n up ourselves said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

Whitney Bushman Photography said...

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Steph- Did you get my email?

bubblyone said...

Hey ya dummard! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sure hope you had a good one!

We love the Heidenreichs

The Hydes

Tyler Bushman said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

Amy said...

What a fun dad! I think Dave might be a little too big for the corvette! Happy Birthday Dave!