Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To School!

Jaren (7) 2nd Grade
Abby (9) 4th Grade
Carlee (11) 6th Grade
Taylor (13 in 5 days) 8th Grade

The kids are back to school and now I feel like I might have a few extra minutes to actually do something with this blog. I can hardly believe summer is over, where does the time go?
Okay, so I wanted the pictures to be below my writing but I can't figure that out. You will have to just suffer through with me as I learn what to do.


King Family said...

Holy Crow!!! You actually posted something! It only took you how long? Ha Ha...just kiddin'
We need to get together some time...Let me know when you aren't totally swamped!

Brittany and Colby said...

Your blog is so cute. The kids look so grown up already. Thanks for putting up the pictures!

Amy said...

How come you didn't tell me you had a blog? I found it off of Ruth's. I will add you to my list. I hope all is well with you guys! Your kids are gorgeous!

Hansen Family said...

Hey Stephanie, this is your cousin Heather! I saw your blog on Julie's. Your kids are so big! How is it only have one at home during the day! I bet she is so spoiled! HAHA We go down to Dallas every once in awhile to meet with our CPA firm and would love to come see you guys and Tyler sometime! I am glad you are blogging. It is fun to keep up with all the cousins this way! I print out a book of my blog every year and make one for each of my kids! This is my way of doing scrapbooking because I absolutley hate making real scrapbook!! Take care!


Alona said...

Carlee looks so grown up! Your kids are all so cute!

Whitney Bushman Photography said...

Wow...Carlee looks so grown up. They are all beautiful!

ETA I just saw that Alona said the same thing, lol.